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Over the course of about an hour, our guests learn at least seven interesting facts from seven leading experts in totally different STEM fields. She often writes about the cognition, emotion and welfare of animals and about biological anthropology, human evolution and gender issues.

We mean for it to be an ideal way to spark a new project idea for a writer in a single night." A number of movies, including Thor, have benefited from scientific collaboration facilitated by the Exchange.

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We will be in touch about initial mentor orientation dates!Have you ever walked out of a movie theater and said to your companion, "Wow, the science in that film was awesome?" You might think, here, of Jodie Foster searching for extraterrestrial intelligence in the now-classic movie Contact.We were encouraged to bring a prop we could carry in our hands, but no Powerpoint slides or video clips were allowed.The scientists invited that evening were synthetic biologist and astrobiologist Betul Kacar from Harvard University, theoretical physicist and climate scientist Kate Marvel from Columbia University, computational biologist and cancer researcher John Quackenbush from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, volcanologist Diana Roman from the Carnegie Institution for Science, chemist Sharon Sikora who is an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, electrical engineer Emmanuel Taylor of Energetics Incorporated, and me, an anthropologist from the College of William and Mary.In an email message to me after the event, Program Director Rick Loverd explained that since its founding in 2008, the Exchange has hosted about 250 events of various types, including about a dozen science speed dating gatherings: "The Exchange has completed more than 2,100 consultations on feature films, TV shows and video games. Any entertainment professional who calls that line with a question about Science, Engineering, or Medicine will be connected to a field expert for free." That night, though, we weren't on the phone; we needed to engage audiences sitting a few feet away, in our little 420-second packages.


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