Sheep dating

The Chinese Sheep sign are loving, creative and charming making them highly attractive. Home and family take on a great importance for Goats making them feel safe and secure.They do not have fear of feelings and are comfortable in the face of emotions.Of the Chinese zodiac, the sheep can be one of the most attractive and pleasant.Goats tend to be cultured or elegant, soft-spoken, with a love of home and family.It's commonly accepted in international academic circles that domesticated sheep and goats both originated in what is now Iran some 10,000 years ago.Yuan says some Chinese animals, such as dogs and pigs, were domesticated locally, while others were introduced from abroad.Although Chinese are yet to decide definitively whether the animal symbol for the coming Lunar New Year should be a sheep or goat, archaeologists know which animal the Chinese began farming first.

But the coming lunar year of "yang", which starts on February 19, is still subject to debate over whether it means "sheep" or "goat".

The idea of speed dating was tossed around in August between the two employees and Ebersold’s wife, Miranda. 14 to give singles something fun to do on Valentine’s day.

“We like people coming in here sitting down and having conversations …

Anna Goodrich (left) and Samantha Kynett, seniors at JMU, will cohost the first speed dating event on Feb. The Valentine’s Day event is open to anyone over the age of 18 and guests will be provided with a cookie and drink.

Tucked away in downtown Harrisonburg’s Ice House, Black Sheep Coffee shares its eclectic vibe with the Shenandoah Valley one coffee at a time.


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