Green business networking speed dating

The Green Business Initiative is an inter-linked suite of projects, specifically aimed at helping enterprises save money and help to reduce their environmental impacts.The projects aim to actively help enterprises to become more “resource efficient”.Utilising the capacity and techniques perfected in the Green Hospitality Award and project, the National Waste Prevention Programme is working with healthcare providers to look at water and energy use and waste production, with a special emphasis on food waste.By investigating areas where efficiencies can be made, often through simple "no" and low cost procedures, real savings can be generated for hospitals.The project offers a range of supports to help business identify savings.

In contrast to meet and greet events, the majority of communications are based on a one-to-one pattern and not according to one-to-many communication.

This means that they will use less energy, less water and less raw materials, in turn producing less waste and costing the business less money.

It’s a great example of the Green Economy in action and a real win-win situation.

Speed ​​networking is a form of events in which the participants can network in a very short time.

They meet as part of a network event, exchange their contact data and possibly benefit from these contacts.


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