Joomla site not updating

Here are the step-by-step instructions for updating a Joomla template in this scenario.

Once this is done, a notice should appear indicating that the template has been successfully updated.

In the following chapters, we describe the most common practices to distribute extensions updates.

In this case, the Extension Update System requires adding a tag in the extension manifest to define a URI to publish the available updates: In order to use this feature, an update server must be defined in your extension's manifest. Weblinks extension is distributed in the same way as a third-party extension.

Rocket Theme's templates continue to receive updates long after the initial release.

Only files included with the core template as received by Rocket Theme are at risk of being overwritten.

The first case is simple and updates could be directly distributed via the same download stream than the initial download.

In the paid extension case, since updates are restricted to valid subscriptions/ memberships, then a method to check it must be integrated into the updating process.

From the developer point of view, extensions are linked to the source, via the extension manifest, to a feed of available updates.

To deliver the updates, there are two main use cases: Free extension or Paid extension.


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