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The novel was written in a much more whimsical state of mind.” But she made headlines in the tabloids this morning for another reason — a fellow castmate of inspired her to look at her own life differently.

Fast forward a few episodes and this season, Aviva and Carole have become full-fledged enemies (the women didn’t know each other before the show), mainly because Carole deals in what is actually going on, while Aviva seems to be hell-bent in doing whatever it takes to stay relevant on .

You can also catch her in Ridgewood, New Jersey, tomorrow night at Book Ends.

Or tune in again next week for more unreal reality on ‘s daper editor Jay Fielden with Louis Vuitton’s Nancy Murray and some gents we didn’t recognize2. Former colleagues John Sykes and ex-MTV head Judy Mc Grath4. Proprietor Michael Mc Carty (yes, he does occasionally make time to eat) with his daughter filmmaker and women’s rights advocate Clancy Mc Carty.

On the defensive: Carole Radziwill had to stand up for herself on Tuesday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live, as host Andy Cohen questioned her about a series of mean tweets from co-star Luann de Lesseps'And the trip that she’s referring to is a trip to Nicaragua where he runs a non-profit, a farm in Nicaragua, and they were going with a whole group of people because after they broke up they remained friends, and are still very friendly to this day.

I believe that this app is better than just meeting up with someone on a blind date.

You get to meet up and chat with people and get to know them.

Everything she does, she does for the show.” And then of the subsequent blow-up: “If I’ve helped Aviva sell books, I’m sure my thank you note is in the mail. Scalamandre’s president Steven Stolman with interior designer Mark Huffman and his client (and my Greenwich neighbor) Danielle Clark.

This is supposed to be a reality show, so I’m interjecting some reality here. Honestly, it was a bit hard to reconcile the woman sitting across from me from the one who is throwing down on Bravo and even braving the dating pool on camera. How the heck did she wind up on and Andy asked me,” she told me. A little birdie told me this trio of tastemakers are working on a project together decorating a chic country abode in Vermont, which will be home to squadron of Scalamandre’s signature zebras.


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